Artists, Musicians, Designers, Dancers, Theatrical Students

Are you a student artist who hopes to launch a career in the arts?

Are you looking to gain entry to a top fine arts school in the United States?

You're going to need some advice:

  • How many fine arts schools exist in the US?
  • What are the National Portfolio Days (and how do you participate)?
  • What are fine arts schools looking for?
  • How do you develop your portfolio?
  • Do you have to write SATs and SAT Subject Tests?

The questions go on and on.

At the US College EXPO you'll be able to talk to representatives from American Colleges, Universities and fine arts schools.

You'll get the answers you need to launch your career in theatre, dance, and visual arts.


Suzi McNeil

Suzi McNeil performing at US College Expo 2012

Yannick Bisson at US College Expo in Canada 2013.

Yannick is a Canadian film and television actor best known to international audiences as the star of Murdoch Mysteries.